Admiral Rosso is a tough barosaurus who is in charge of the DSS. He gives astrosaurs their missions, but being in charge of an entire space fleet sometimes his briefings are late (for example, in The Seas Of Doom, he is late for telling Teggs his mission). It is Rosso who is in charge of the Pick-A-Planet meeting as he is the only dinosaur trusted by herbivores and carnivores alike to play fairly. He is often referred to as 'a crusty old barosaurus' and was one of Attila's dino droids in Day Of The Dino Droids.

Rosso makes a guest appearance in Space Kidnap!, in which he is taken prisoner by Flippin, Hex, and Commodore Kallos, agents of the Carnivore Crime Cartel. He is later rescued by Splatt and takes Kallos prisoner.

Full name
Roderick Rosso
Data File
This wise and respected barosaurus commands the entire Dinosaur Space Service
Peace. Justice. Ferns
Sore throats
DSS Rating
10 - Long necked and big-hearted, Rosso is a wise leader