Alan The Ammonite
Full Name
Alan Squelch
Spiralling Up
Pirate Swordsmaster
Puddle Of Hatching
Aqua 45
Seawater, fighting, gold.
Coming out of his shell.
DSS Rating
7.5 - A slimey scoundrel who's sure to give you shellshock!

Alan the Ammonite

Alan the Ammonite is a villain in The Star Pirates and was a valued member of Spiny Jim's crew of dinosaur pirates. He is described as a small, squishy creature in a large shell that lurks behind a diver's mask. Because ammonites are creatures that live underwater, he wears a water tank on his back and rolls instead of walking.

Alan is also handy with swords and technology. Spiny Jim asked the ammonite to pull the two A-wave Magnetrons from the DSS (containing Gipsy, Sprite, and Iggy) into his space station. After Gipsy humiliated him in battle, Spiny Jim challenged her to fight Alan in single combat. She was confused about how she was supposed to fight him-until he suddenly pulled out his sword and attacked her. After a lengthy battle, Gipsy stepped on Alan and defeated him. He later returned in the pirates' control room, was sat on by Iggy. He was presumably killed by Iggy's weight, since he isn't mentioned again.

Trivia Edit

  • Alan is an ammonite, a type of extinct cephalopod (sea creatures related to squid and octopi).