Full Name
Arx Longhorn Orano
First Officer
Planet Of Hatching
Tri Major
Solving mysteries, reading textbooks.
People who are stupid.
DSS Rating
10 - Careful and wise, Arx is always there to back up his captain..



Another image of Arx.

Arx Longhorn Orano is one of the main heroes in the Astrosaurs series, next to Teggs, Gipsy, and Iggy. He is a dark green triceratops who is Teggs's first officer and deputy. When Teggs is away, he leaves Arx in charge of the Sauropod. Arx is the oldest and most experienced of the four main astrosaurs, and is also the most intelligent. He tends to do scientific work and experiments during missions.

Often Arx is the astrosaur who finally discovers the solution to an issue the crew is facing, like in The Space Ghosts, where he discovers the truth behind the "space ghosts" and dispium's properties, revealing General Loki's evil plan to take over the Jurassic Quadrant. He accompanies Teggs in The Star Pirates and helps to trick Spiny Jim by sabotaging his Gold Magnet. Arx prefers brains to brawn, but can use his three sharp horns to fight if he must. When he's sad or depressed, these horns droop, and they wiggle if he's confused. His niece is Abbiz, a guide on Aggadon.

In The Carnivore Curse, he was the only astrosaur to be captured and held prisoner by Prince Poota's Agents. His Astro-file reveals that he became the youngest pilot of a Triceratops Star-Cruiser during the T. rex-Triceratops war and had probably been an orphan since the war, since there is no mention of his parents in the file. Arx appears in every book, but not in the Astrosaurs Academy series.


Arx could be inspired by Spock, a similarly intelligent character.

Arx is a Triceratops horridus.

Arx is probably the only known orphan astrosaur.

A baby version of Arx appears in the book The Twist of Time. See Baby Arx.