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Promotional art for the Astrosaurs series.

The Astrosaurs series is a children's series by Steve Cole and published by Red Fox. It is set in an alternate timeline where the dinosaurs survived the extinction 65 million years ago by escaping into space, settling in an area of space called the Jurassic Quadrant. The Quadrant is divided between meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs, an organization of herbivores called the DSS helping to keep the peace.

The maain character of Astrosaurs is Teggs Stegosaur, a stegosaurus who works for the DSS. There are twenty-two books published so far, and a prequel series called Astrosaurs Academy.

List of books


  • The first four books in the Astrosaurs series - Riddle of the Raptors, The Hatching Horror, The Seas of Doom , and The Mind-Swap Menace - were published in the USA, but these editions had minor grammar changes, changed minor details, relaced English slang (i.e, Arx is gray instead of green, color vs. colour) and did not include any trading cards.
  • Since 2010, all of the first sixteen books have recieved a new edition with new cover art. From The Robot Raiders onwards, all of the books have only been released in the new-style cover art.
  • In 2011, starting with The Forest of Evil, book numbers have been placed on the spines.