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Terror Underground, The Third Book In The Series

Astrosaurs Academy is a prequel series to Astrosaurs that focuses on Teggs's youthful adventures at school on Astro Prime, the setting for all of the Astrosaurs Academy books. Like Astrosaurs, the books all include collector's cards inside. Instead of Arx, Gipsy, and Iggy, who do not appear, Teggs has two best friends named Blink and Dutch. The three form a team called the Daring Dinos. Blink is a Gnathosaurus, according to his collector's card, while Dutch is a Diplodocus. Three other new characters, Damona the Diceratops, Netta the ankylosaurus, and Splatt the Dryosaurus, serve as their friendly rivals at the Astrosaurs Academy. Dutch, Blink, and Damona have appeared in the main Astrosaurs series while Netta and Splatt have yet to make a reappearance. Often some sort of neutral force wreaks havoc among the cadets, and the two main teams (Damona's and Teggs's) cooperate and eventually are seperated. Teggs and his team find the mastermind(s) behind the incident, usually carnivores, and are captured until Damona's team returns with help. The exception for this is in Destination: Danger! where Damona and Teggs's forces are both present to fight off a pack of fearsome T. rexes, led by Lord Slyme, using tents to immoblize them. Antagonists so far include Lord Slyme, a T. rex, Doctor Finkle the Carnotaurus and Bomp the renegade Triceratops trainer, a pair of velociraptors named Sergeant Major Bonecrack and his pilot, Pilot Komo, Commodore Kallos, a segnosaurus and former astrosaur who betrayed the DSS,Prox,Palo and Major Gator,Comondre Kallos's assistants,a pterosaur spy named Lenswing,Flippin and Hex,Comondre Kallos's friends,Inferniak,the leader of the Volcano-mens's leader, and Scorpo's hive of frosticons. Often the cadets have assistance from an older and more experienced astrosaur who is on the scene either by accident or is undercover, and this astrosaur is usually the one who finally defeats the antagonists and removes them before the cadets reunite with Commander Gruff, the seismosaurus head-teacher at the academy. In Terror Underground!, two astrosaurs help the cadets: Colonel Erick the ammosaurus and Captain Liress, a recently thawed torosaurus war hero who helps them defeat two raptors, who have also unfrozen. As of now, none of the Astrosaurs Academy books have been published outside of the UK.

Astrosaurs Academy booksEdit

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Christmas Crisis!

Deadly Drama!

Jungle Horror!

Destination: Danger!

Terror Underground!

Contest Carnage!

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