Bessie Barmer
Full Name
Elizabeth Violet Varicose Vena Barmer
Visual ID
Fists the size of piglets. Face like the smell of dung.
Butchers, Bullying and Talking about her relatives.
Greatest Achievement
Once stuffed a hay bale into a pair of her old knickers and carrried it over her shoulder for twenty-two miles.
Fascinating Fact
Proud Bessie and her ancestors have made their husbands change their surname to 'Barmer' since time began.

Bessie Barmer.

Bessie Barmer is Farmer Barmer's evil wife. She wants to turn all the animals on the farm into fast food. Professor Angus Mcmoo, Pat and Bo always bump into one of her relatives wherever they go in time. All of the ancient relatives have been evil except for Bessie LaBarmer who is a French war hero who featured in World War Moo. In The Pirate Moo-Tiny, she goes on holiday to the Carribean and leaves Farmer Barmer in charge of the farm.