Bomp is an antagonist who only appears in book two of the Astrosaurs Academy series, Contest Carnage! He was a triceratops who helped Mr. Edvill set up the Megasaur Challenge and train the athletes who were taking part. However, Bomp was secretly working for Doctor Finkle the carnotaur, and sabotaged several events so that more athletes could visit the hospital to become Finkle's slaves. His motive was that he felt he had been underpaid by Mr. Edvill, who paid him peanuts (literally).

To get revenge, Bomp smuggled Finkle onto Astro Prime in exchange for money. Bomp also created "Plan R"- robots would attack the Ferns Hotel and injure more dinosaurs. When Bomp activated it, Dutch, Blink and Teggs attacked the robots, scrambling their circuits and turning them on each other. One robo-boxer went for Bomp, pummeling him and knocking him out. Later, when Finkle was defeated, Bomp and his employer were both sent to jail.