Braxus the Bloodthirsty is a member of the trio of T. rex villains in Teeth of the T. rex. He was a judge on Teerex Major who was infamous for being especially tough on criminals. One of the many T. rex criminals he had convicted was Thickhead McBrick, a jewel thief who had stolen King Groosum's crown jewels earlier. Braxus sent Thickhead to St. Bonecracker's Prison, and the lean crook persuaded him and his girlfriend, a governor of the jail named Fangetta, to let him go in exchange for a share of the profits made when he sold the jewels.

Braxus provided a small, unmarked ship to hide a set of fake jewels on. Then Fangetta recorded a distress call to lure any passing ships into their trap. Braxus told the Royal Rex Police that thieves would come to collect the Crown Jewels there. Teggs and Gipsy recieved the distress call and came aboard, but found out that it was a recording far too late. T. rex police officers burst in and dragged them off to Claw Court to be tried by none other than Braxus himself. The T. rex found them guilty and sentenced them to ten years in St. Bonecracker's Prison. Then Braxus set up a party in the prison's dining room to celebrate the jewels' return. He and Fangetta captured Iggy and placed him in a stewpot with Teggs and Gipsy to serve as the T. rexes' main course during their feast. They took two seats next to King Groosum's throne, pointing out that they didn't want the king to think that they wanted to hold onto the jewels. Braxus led Groosum into the room and handed him the fake jewels, then ordered the three astrosaurs to be boiled alive.

Just as a robot T. rex was about to fire its lasers, the trio leapt out of the cauldron and attacked the T. rexes. Teggs knocked out Braxus with his tail. The astrosaurs fled, but Arx appeared in a doorway and revealed the T. rexes' scheme to their ruler, returning the real Crown Jewels to Groosum. Braxus, Fangetta, and Thickhead fled, but the astrosaurs tripped them and held them down. Groosum had the three scoundrels sent to jail and set the astrosaurs free.