The Lambeos Cutlet
Space year 31,102,001
How To Get There
Turn left halway between Scarum and Eeek Major.
Data File
A nasty, shadowy, spooky place; but rich is mysterious minerals.
Cold windy and horrid.
No information
DSS Rating
5 - Creepus lives up to it's name, only the bravest should set claw there ...



The Creepus landscape.

Creepus is a small planet in the Vegetarian Sector which is located in the Lambeos Cutlet, near the planet Lambeos. It is a cold, windy place with no native life forms, but Creepus was of interest to Shanta, Plod, and other miners because it held the rare element dispium and some strange blue marbles. Both substances have unusual qualities: dispium changes living creatures into "ghosts" while the blue marbles reverse the effect. Unfortunately, the evil raptor General Loki realized that he could use the materials' properties to conquer the Jurassic Quadrant and began mining there, too.

After Teggs, his crew, and his new friend Spink the kentrosaurus defeated the raptors in The Space Ghosts, the DSS placed a shield around the planet to protect its resources from other villains who would use them for malicious purposes.

Creepus is also menioned in The Claws of Christmas, when Teggs meets Loki again on Exmus. One of Loki's titles in both books, "killer of kentrosaurus" may refer to the affair on Creepus. It is also referred to in The Dreams of Dread, when Teggs meets a kraggle-scruncher under Loki's control.