Full Name
Honkson's Crox-Grizzly
Did You Know?
Many people confuse the croco-bear with the so-called 'bare croco', a giant crocodile who only attacks naked dinosaurs.
Planet Of Hatching
Roaring, growling, tropical weather.
People trying to clip its claws.

A wild croco-bear.

The croco-bear, or Honkson's Crox-Grizzly, is a vicious animal that appears to be a cross between a scaly green crocodile and a grizzly bear, hence their name. These creatures live in the region of Jungulus on Astro Prime and patrol their territory zealously, attacking and devouring all trespassers.

They only appear in Jungle Horror!, a book in the Astrosaurs Academy series, in which one attacks Damona, who is saved by Blink, Dutch and Teggs. Commodore Kallos also threatened to let a pack of croco-bears eat the teachers of the Astrosaurs Academy unless Commander Gruff faked a video that announced his retirement to the Savage Safari Park. These animals are often mixed up with the bare croco, a completely different creature.