The dimorphodon are fifty small green or brown flying reptiles (pterosaurs) who help Teggs, Arx, Gipsy and Iggy control the Sauropod. Their leader is called Sprite. They can work delicate machinery with their wings and claws. The Sauropod's dimorphodon are skittish and dislike frights, but love obeyin


g orders. The dimorphodon appear in all of the Astrosaurs books. They play a very large role in The Skies of Fear and The Dreams of Dread, and have smaller roles in The Planet of Peril and Day of the Dino-Droids. They generally dislike fighting, but can use their claws to dive-bomb enemies or peck at them with their beaks.

Other dimorphodon may serve other astrosaur ships, but they have not been seen. They live on the planet of Dimorphia, but are ruled from Squawk Major.


Real Dimorphodon were pterosaurs that lived during the Jurassic period, about 200 million to 180 m

An artist's impression of two real-life Dimorphodon.

illion years ago. It was a smaller pterosaur, with a wingspan of about 1.5 metres. They were relatives of Rhamphorynchus and had long tails which may have had a rudder at the end. Fossils of this animal were first found in England by the early fossil hunter Mary Anning, also responsible for the first discoveries of Ichthyosaurus, a dolphin-like sea reptile, and Plesiosaurus, a close relative of Cryptoclidus. Unlike Sprite, it had a short beak with sharp teeth to trap its prey.

Dimorphodon was a carnivore, eating fish, insects, and small animals. Scientists believe that it walked on all fours when on the ground, and evidence suggests that it was fast-moving, against an outdated theory that pterosaurs were sluggish walkers. Its name means "two-form tooth", as it had two kinds of teeth in its mouth.