Doctor Finkle the carnotaurus is the main villain in the second Astrosaurs Academy book, Contest Carnage!. He was smuggled onto Astro Prime from an unknown location (probably Taurus) by Bomp the triceratops in exchange for gold. As soon as he arrived, Finkle paid Bomp to cause "accidents" at the Megasaur Challenge while he pretended to be a mammoth doctor who took care of the participants who were injured. Instead of healing his patients, Finkle secretly attached red plasters to their heads. Inside each plaster was a small device that removed free will from its victim and was controlled at Finkle's hospital.

The carnotaur succeeded in enslaving Netta, Damona, several cheerleaders, a hadrosaur named Harlan Pop, and a grey Stegosaurus named Zed Abee. He planned to insert his slaves into the DSS as spies, using them to destroy all of the cadets and astrosaurs. Teggs was captured by Bomp, entered the room and re-encountered Finkle, who revealed his true identity as a ravenous carnotaur. Bomp summoned an army of robots to injure still more cadets and staff members. Blink and Dutch burst in and they stopped the robots and Bomp, but Finkle stuck his plasters onto their heads.

Just then, an undercover astrosaur named Sergeant Snoop entered the room and used cleaning fluid to capture Finkle with help from the former slaves and Splatt. Mr. Edvill then arrived to have his security guards take Finkle and Bomp to prison.