Full Name
Dutch Dino Delaney
Did You Know?
When Dutch was an egg, his brothers used him as a football. Dutch hatched during a game behind the other teams defenders and was declared offside!
Planet Of Hatching
Jokes, training, ball games.
Cheats, homework, being tidy.


Dutch Delaney is a diplodocus who is a main character in the Astrosaurs Academy series and a minor character in Revenge of the FANG, along with his friend Blink the pterosaur.


Dutch loves sports more than schoolwork, and is probably the least intelligent but strongest of the Daring Dinos. He has an appetite almost as impressive as Teggs's. Dutch also values fair play and hates cheaters, and is fiercely loyal to his friends. Unlike Blink, who is extremely tidy, he is very messy and often clutters the three dinosaurs' room with garbage. His rival in Damona's Darlings is Netta the ankylosaurus. He is a very witty sauropod and has a joke for every occasion, even during serious moments. He uses slang in his speech, namely "dude".

He is also the most aggressive and physical of the Daring Dinos: while Teggs and Blink think about their actions during a scrap, Dutch often uses raw power to solve a problem, as Sergeant Major Bonecrack and Pilot Komo found out in Terror Underground! when the diplodocus reared up and punched the raptor leader, knocking him out for some time. This trait can also get him in trouble, as it does during the swamp-monster attack in Jungle Horror!.

Adult LifeEdit

After graduation from the Astrosaurs Academy, Dutch now patrols the borders of Sea Reptile Space,piloting DSS Starbloom. He and Blink were both kidnapped and held as hostages on the planet Tartara by Attila, an enemy of Teggs, who became an astrosaur captain, in an attempt to get revenge on the stegosaurus. Teggs and Damona, however, managed to free Dutch and Blink and send Attila back to space prison.

Teggs saw Dutch again, together with Blink and Damona's Darlings, under less stressful circumstances, during Admiral Rosso's party at the end of Earth Attack!. Dutch and Blink greeted Teggs, showing him around, and together they happily celebrated the defeat and death of General Loki and the failure of the raptor's plan to permanently alter Earth's history.


  • Dutch is a Diplodocus longus, a large North American sauropod.
  • Dutch is often described as being small for his species, implying he might be a midget.