Gideon, Gary, and Gus are "terror birds" (most likely a species of ground-running carnivorous birds like Gastornis or Titanavis) who are minor characters in The Terror-Bird Trap, the eighth Astrosaurs book. At first they appeared to be vegetarian plumbers who worked for Gastro, but it was later revealed that they were helping Janice the bactrosaur hoof-maiden in her scheme to take over Atlantos in the name of the "true" terror birds, ferocious carnivores, in return for her own moon to rule. They had helped her break their own toilet pipes, letting dung into the sea to anger the megalodon, and dressing up as the sharks to frighten the bactrosaurs, all the while pretending to be friendly with both sides by supplying them with sabotaged technology. The trio were defeated on the beach, along with Gordon, Godfrey, and Janice, by the astrosaurs and Gastro, who had them clean up the ocean they had polluted before they were sent to prison. In the book Gideon, Gary, and Gus are nameless, but the terror birds' collector card reveals their names.