Full Name
Gipsy Saurine
Communications Officer
Planet Of Hatching
Fair Play
Liars and Crooks.
DSS Rating
10 - A hadrosaur you can always count on.
Sun snatchers wall S


Gipsy Saurine is Captain Teggs's clever communications officer in the children's series Astrosaurs. Teggs often picks her as his partner on smaller missions because of her skill, caring and knowledge. She accompanies him at least once in Riddle of the Raptors, The Seas Of Doom, The Terror-Bird Trap, Teeth of the T. rex The Claws of Christmas, and The Sun-Snatchers.

A lover of fair play, this calm, talented dinosaur is an expert in various languages and machiner. She also knows dino kung-fu and wears a combat suit in battle. In The Star Pirates she single-handedly defeats Alan The Ammonite in combat and joins the star pirates to gather information. By doing this she also earns the trust of their leader, a Spinosaurus named Spiny Jim, which is helpful as the book draws its climax and she skillfully double-crosses him just at the right time. She also proves her worth in The Sun Snatchers, where she communicates with Heelum and interrogates the megalosaurus leader, Lord Rawhead, to find out how to free Grakk from his spell.

Gipsy is a Corythosaurus casuarius, a species of hadrosaur from North America.