Hypno Ships
Full Name
Hypnotic Ship (Pendulum Class)
2 Million Sleepy Blinks
Top Speed
60 Swishes Per Minute (Pendulum Power)
Made In
Carnivore Spaceyard Of Doom 122
Miles Per Dung Bucket
100 (Or more if it's really rancid dung)
DSS Rating
6 - Expensive to run and slow ... but once you're under their power you won't notice!

A hypno-ship in flight.

Hypno-ships are medium-sized bronze-colored ships that were built by Lord Rawhead to hypnotize solawurms. They have pendulums underneath them which swing from side to side, hypnotizing anyone or anything which looks at them in a matter of moments. Rawhead used his personal fleet of hypno-ships to trap and hypnotize Grakk and Heelum, forcing them to do his bidding. Unlike most carnivore ships, hypno-ships lack weapons, but they don't really need them.