Full Name
Iggadoo Tooth
Chief engineer
Planet Of Hatching
Engines, sports, things that go fast.
Meat eaters, cheats, bullies.
DSS Rating
10 - Loyal and brave, energetic Iggy is always in the thick of things.

Iggy Tooth.

Iggadoo Tooth, called "Iggy" or "Ig" for short, is a major character in the Astrosaurs series. A tough iguanodon, he is The Sauropod's chief engineer and often accompanies Teggs on missions where physical strength is needed or the stegosaurus needs a guard, like during The Mind-Swap Menace (where he gets his mind switched with Ardul the coelophysis) and Riddle Of The Raptors (where he helps Teggs fight off a gang of T. rexes on Planet Sixty). His favorite weapons are his trusty stun claws.

Iggy is brilliant with any machinery and works in the engine room, powering the ship's engines with other iguanodon workers. He is prejudiced against any kind of meat-eater, as is shown in The Terror-Bird Trap, where he instantly blames the megalodon for sinking Kleen Island to chase away the bactrosaurs (which eventually turned out to not be the case). Iggy especially dislikes all raptors and coelophysis, Dasta in particular. He is the strongest but least intelligent astrosaur on board, except where machines are concerned. He used to work in the DSS Solar Workshops, using fuels like Robotix. Iggy, like all iguanodon, is from the planet Iguanos. In Day of the Dino-Droids Iggy was the third (or fourth - whether the mechanical clone of Arx was made before is debatable) astrosaur to be rebuilt as a dino-droid by Attila. His robotic alter ego was armed with deadly stun claws (much like the real Iggy) that fired arcs of electricity into the air.

Often it is Iggy that ends up fixing broken technology (or creating a better version) rather than the other characters, examples include the toilets in Camp Kentro, the creation of the super-sub on Aqua Minor and even once the Sauropod itself! Iggy has a brother named Wimvis, who works as a builder. Wimvis appears in The Robot Raiders.