It is mentioned in the first and eighth Astrosaurs books, Riddle Of The Raptors and The Planet Of Peril, as a sort of reference, but we haven't seen any actual taxi services in the series.

The Riddle of the RaptorsEdit

This is what Captain Teggs likens his first DSS mission to when he is grumbling about his first mission to Gipsy. He is likening his job of shipping the best athletes across The Jurassic Quadrant to Olympus to a taxi service. This job turns into a dangerous mission when General Loki's raptors break in and kidnap two of the athletes, Hank and Crank, for their plan to take over the quadrant.

The Planet of PerilEdit

Iggy also likens his shipping of the Tricerotops away from Aggadon in The Planet Of Peril to a Taxi Service.