Janice is the main villain of The Terror-Bird Trap. She was a bactrosaur who posed as one of Queen Soapi's hoof-maiden servants on Atlantos. As part of her disguise, she never spoke and fainted repeatedly whenever she got dirty or was startled. However, she secretly liked dirt and making messes and spent some time in Gastro's sewers, dragging Iggy down the toilet when he tried to investigate her sabotaged Spotless Survival Suits. Janice slyly turned all of the other terror birds against Gastro, using them to break his sewer pipes and smash Shuttle Alpha. They gave King Fin and his megalodon soldiers sabotaged tank-tanks while allowing the bactrosaur dung from Kleen Island to poison their water and upset them.

During the war between the two tribes, Soapi tried to protect Janice, who alone among the bactrosaurs had not inflated her Survival Suit. Janice revealed her true colors when Teggs challenged Gastro and revealed her plan to wipe out the entire population of Atlantos through both sets of faulty technology. After her terror-bird minions were defeated, Janice tried to run, but was caught in dung by Arx and sent to prison by the DSS.