Lord Rawhead is the main villain of The Sun-Snatchers. He and several megalosaurus officers hunted solawurms all over the Jurassic Quadrant with space-scopes and a specially-built fleet of hypno-ships. Eventually he located one named Grakk, hypnotized him, and forced the solawurm to attack and devour two of the three suns of Hawn. Grakk resisted, crying for help, so Rawhead forced him to return to the Vegmeat Zone to be put under the carnivore's control permanently. Grakk's brother Heelum, Teggs, and Gipsy found the sickly solawurm and were attacked by Rawhead's hypno-ships. Heelum was hypnotized by their pendulums while his own brother held him down. The astrosaurs were also affected and fell asleep.

When they woke up in the megalosaurs' war craft, Rawhead explained his entire plan to them. He intended to use the captured solawurms to attack herbivore planets, and eventually the entire DSS fleet would leave HQ to deal with them. While they were away, Rawhead planned to sneak into the station and steal the files on every Vegetarian Sector planet, leaving them open to carnivore invasion. When Teggs mentioned that DSS HQ was never left unguarded, Rawhead mentioned that he'd force Teggs to let him in or he'd eat Gipsy alive. Then he left to have a celebrative feast with his officers, telling them that every planet that Grakk and Heelum destroyed would leave behind frozen dinosaurs to eat.

Gipsy and Teggs helped Heelum to wake up, and the solawurm destroyed the hypno-ships. The astrosaurs took a tooth from the stunned Rawhead's mouth to pick the lock of Gipsy's chains and they entered his warship's shuttle bay. When they got inside, the carnivore attacked, but Teggs tripped him up and dragged him into the shuttle. Gipsy told him to leave Rawhead behind with the other megalosaurus officials, but Teggs said that they needed Rawhead to help break his spell on Grakk. Rawhead woke up again in the shuttle, and Gipsy forced him to reveal how to free the hypnotized solawurm. When they landed, Lord Rawhead escaped and ran to steal the Sauropod, but Noss the woolly rhino tripped him up with his foot. When the DSS fleet arrived, they took Rawhead away to jail.


  • Lord Rawhead is a Megalosaurus bucklandii, the first dinosaur ever named.
  • Rawhead's dress and mannerisms resemble stereotypical Victorian-era clothing and behaviour of the upper class.