Lord Slyme
Full Name
Gareth Slyme
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Did You Know?
Lord Slyme once ate 17 servants for burning a pie.
Planet Of Hatching
Teerex Major
Rich food (Wealthy dinosaurs taste better!)
Grub that fights back

Lord Slyme

Lord Slyme is a T. rex who is the first antagonist to appear in the Astrosaurs Academy series, featuring in the first book, Destination: Danger! He is violent, short-tempered, and always hungry.

Lord Slyme and his crew of T. rex servants were on their way to the space-car races on another planet when they accidentally crashed on Astro Prime and were unable to repair their ship. He had one of his slaves make a distress call back home to Teerex Major. Slyme quickly got hungry and quickly sniffed out the astrosaur cadets' campsite and told the other T. rexes to help him find the "delicious meaty smell" to the south. Blink and Dutch overheard their conversation and told Teggs about what they had seen.

Teggs realized that the shooting star he had seen earlier was Slyme's ship crashing into the planet. Teggs and Dutch dressed up as an eight-legged rock-spitting blob monster to chase away the T. rexes before they reached the camp. However, Slyme ignored the disguise and tried to eat them anyway! They fled, leading the T. rexes to the camp as they did so. Meanwhile, Blink was trying to warn the other cadets about the approaching carnivores, but no one believed him. Teggs and Dutch shook off Slyme and his crew, using a shortcut to beat the T. rexes to the campsite, and told the cadets that there really were T. rexes on the way. The cadets used materials at hand to prepare for the predators' arrival. When the T. rexes did attack, Lord Slyme himself was the first to fall when Teggs used an inflatable tent to clog up his throat. After the carnivores were defeated, a lambeosaurus found a large snake to tie Slyme's claws together. When Commander Gruff arrived to pick up the T. rexes, he took them back to Teerex Major on condition that they never return to the Vegetarian Sector.


  • Unlike most carnivore villains, Lord Slyme does not have a visible forked tongue. This stands in stark contrast to the T. rexes in Teeth of the T. rex.
  • Lord Slyme has four fingers. A real Tyrannosaurus rex only had two, and would probably have had feathers, too.
  • Lord Slyme's name is a play on the word "slime".