Mega-Spray Y is a DSS invention that was intended to be used for the removal of metal and plastic garbage. It is able to melt these materials into a puddle in a matter of seconds. Attila, frightened by the substance's ability to destroy his mechanical dino-droids, used three of his creations in the shape of Teggs's old enemies Tonka, Dasta, and King Albu to force him to steal it. Attila's droids had kidnapped Dutch and Blink to ensure that Teggs obeyed them. The only Mega-Spray Y in The Jurassic Quadrant was held in a top-secret DSS space station called SSSS-One. Teggs broke into SSSS-One to take it and was bringing it back when Damona captured him and took him onto her ship.

After he explained what was going on, she took the real Mega-Spray Y and he handed a fake made of water to his employers, the FANG. Attila wasn't fooled and showed Teggs that Tonka had captured Damona and had the real thing in his control using a scanner screen. However, Damona and the Sauropod crew were bluffing and arrived on the scene with the real substance hidden in the Tonka-droid's snout. They melted down the dino-droids, caught Attila, and returned the true Mega-Spray Y to the DSS.