Dasta using his mind-swapper.

The mind-swapper was an invention created by Crool Dasta that is able to switch the bodies of its victims. It consists of a bulbous metal machine with a flat base that is connected to four glass helmets. These helmets are placed on the victims' heads and cause their minds to be switched once a blue button on the device's base is pressed. To un-swap their minds, the blue button must be pressed again. Dasta used this machine to take the place of Teggs during The Mind-Swap Menace, and Ardul took Iggy's body for himself. In Iggy's form, Ardul stuffed the mind-swapper down a garbage chute with the real Teggs and Iggy, who had it with them when they escaped the space prison. On Geldos Beta, Arx was able to figure out its workings and switched the astrosaurs into their own bodies, but caused the mind-swapper to self-destruct when he did so.