Pilot Komo is a minor antagonist in the Astrosaurs Academy series. Like his superior, Bonecrack, he only appears in Terror Underground!. He and Bonecrack went to Astro Prime for a top-secret mission during Raptor War Ten and arrived on the continent of Isissia. Komo was their pilot and had the job of directing their Doom-Bringer to a safe landing site. However, the two raptors were caught in a web made by one of Captain Liress's spiders and were taken to her ship for arrest. A surprise avalanche buried Liress, the raptors, and the astrosaur ship, freezing and preserving them.

Sixty years later, Colonel Erick accidentally thawed out Bonecrack and Komo, who captured Netta and Damona on Level One. Liress also woke up and knocked out Komo while Dutch dealt with Bonecrack. Komo did not remember why he was on Astro Prime or how he had gotten there when he was questioned. The sudden appearance of a giant spider spooked the raptors, who fled out the door and fell down a hole-right onto their own ship, still tangled in the web! Seeing it reminded them of their mission sixty years ago, and they decided to escape the frozen tunnels. Pilot Komo had time to remove the web and get the Doom-Bringer's assault shuttle working, just before Teggs landed right on top of him. An irate Bonecrack dragged his pilot into the safety of the ship.

The raptors continued to prepare for takeoff while Teggs, Blink, and Dutch were dragged off by the spiders. When the assault shuttle took off, it was trapped in another web set up by the Daring Dinos, Erick, Liress, and the (friendly) spiders. The spiders covered the shuttle with their bodies, holding it down until its engines burned out. Then they trapped Bonecrack and Komo in cocoons until Commander Gruff came with Damona's Darlings to take them to jail for war crimes.


  • For trivia on Pilot Komo, please visit Sergeant Major Bonecrack's own page. Everything that applies to him applies to Komo as well.
  • Pilot Komo is a Velociraptor mongoliensis.