Planet Sixty is a planet in the Vegmeat Zone that is a minor setting in Riddle of the Raptors, appears on the maps of the Jurassic Quadrant that are included in every Astrosaurs book, and is mentioned by General Loki in The Space Ghosts. It is a small, dull world that no one bothered to name.

After Loki's raptors kidnapped Hank and Crank, the general himself sent a message to the Sauropod that listed his demands if they wanted him to return the athletes: some moss, a satellite monitor, and twenty pieces of gold. He told Teggs to come to Planet Sixty unarmed with one crewmember and a sack containing the ransom. When Teggs and Iggy arrived, they located the raptor death-shuttle and gave Loki his ransom. He let them take the athletes and left. However, neither the raptors nor the astrosaurs knew that an invasion party of fearsome T. rexes had recently landed, too. Teggs and Iggy were barely able to fight off the T. rexes and get back to the Sauropod with Hank and Crank in tow.

After the showdown with General Loki on Olympus, the evil raptor's raptor death ship was damaged by the Sauropod and was forced to land on Planet Sixty for repairs. Unfortunately for his crew, the T. rexes were still there and wouldn't let him go unless he let them eat every last raptor on his ship. He obliged, gloating about the merciless act on Creepus when he encountered Teggs again in The Space Ghosts. One of his self-given titles in The Claws of Christmas, "tamer of T. rexes", may also refer to that particular incident. As of The Dreams of Dread, Planet Sixty presumably belongs to the Tyrannosaur Territories.