Pollysaurus the pterosaur is a minor villain in The Star Pirates. It was he who "donated" one of his eyes to Spiny Jim when the spinosaurus lost both of his. On board, Pollysaurus served as both a crewmember and a pet, as he was able to speak dinosaur fluently. When Teggs escaped the Splarg pit, Jim set Pollysaurus on him. When Teggs confronted the pterosaur, he used his secret weapon-super-smelly dung pellets. Normally, though, the piratical pterosaur sat on Spiny Jim's shoulder and gave him advice at various points in the book, not unlike a parrot. During the fight in the control room, Sprite and Pollysaurus fought beak and claw while the dinosaurs fought on the ground. Pollysaurus also led the pirates away when smoke flooded the chamber, and was captured by the Splarg with the other pirates.


  • Pollysaurus's phrase "Pieces of 'ate!" is a reference to Captain Flint the parrot in the pirate novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The parrot, owned by the book's villain, Long John Silver, constantly says "Pieces of eight!".