Prince Goopo on Platus Two.

Prince Goopo the oviraptor is a secondary villain in The Hatching Horror and is the eldest of King Albu's sons. Like Albu, he was arrogant, short-tempered, and obsessed with eggs, but was more of a coward than his father. He was next in line to be king of Ovid.

It was Goopo who, together with his brothers, raided Odo Minor to steal the plateosaurus eggs from Professor Sog. Goopo was their leader and had an overbearing personality, forcing the youngest brother, Prince Shelly, to help them against his will. He was the first oviraptor to snatch an egg, but was captured by Teggs after a short battle. However, Prince Hibbit saved his brothers by bringing them their royal ship, melting the ice that trapped them. Goopo and the other prisoners escaped and got into their ship safely. On board, Albu tried to eat the eggs and discovered that they were fakes. Extremely angry, he decided to come to Platus Two with his princes to get the real ones. Goopo next encountered the astrosaurs on the planet's surface with a ray gun, and was the first prince to drool when Albu started talking about eggs. When Arx charged him, Goopo panicked and ran away immediately.

When Teggs and Dippa escaped down a crater, Goopo, Albu and the other oviraptors followed them in. It was there that Goopo revealed himself as no more brave than Shelly when a star dragon's wail startled the oviraptors. Albu ordered them to continue, but a rock wall stopped them in their tracks. The oviraptors finally caught the astrosaurs, Sog, Coo, and Dippa on the surface, but Teggs persuaded Albu to leave their eggs alone - Platus Two itself was an egg! Albu told Goopo to check his claim, and the oviraptor cautiously took a sip. He gleefully told Albu that it was the best egg he'd ever eaten, and almost all of the oviraptors leapt into a fountain of egg white to gorge themselves. They ignored Shelly's frantic cries to get out while they still could. However, the fountain dried and the oviraptors fell into the resulting crater, where the hatchling star dragon ate them, their greed proving to be their undoing.