Ranpak is a minor antagonist in The Claws of Christmas, the twelfth Astrosaurs book. He is one of General Loki's raptor warriors who accompanied him to the asteroid Exmus, and was also among the troops who were shrunk by Papa Claws's shrinking ray, which Loki was using in his plan to conquer the Vegetarian Sector. The general, still disguised as Papa Claws, gave a gift containing Ranpak and a green tie to Iggy Tooth. He wanted to get rid of Iggy before he found out that Loki sabotaged the wrapping robot with one of his claws. When Iggy opened his present, Ranpak grew to full size and attacked him!

After a scuffle, Iggy used his new tie to trip up the raptor and knock him out. The other astrosaurs, hearing the commotion, arrived on the scene and saw the stunned Ranpak lying on the floor. Teggs and Gipsy carried him with them when they traveled to Papa Claws's workshop to inform him of their discovery. When they discovered that he was General Loki, they left Ranpak behind a desk during the resulting battle. This was a mistake, because Ranpak woke up and captured Gipsy, threatening to kill her if Teggs didn't surrender. Iggy later burst into the workshop, allowing Gipsy to get out of the raptor's clutches. Teggs took out Ranpak with a well-aimed tail swipe. Hans and Nickel tied him up along with the other workshop raptors, but Loki snuck away. After the general was recaptured, Ranpak was sent to space prison, along with all of his raptor compatriots.