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Revenge of the FANG is the fourteenth book in the Astrosaurs series, which features Blink, Dutch, and Damona from Astrosaurs Academy. The cover art features Teggs in a dinner suit confronting King Albu, Tonka, Crool Dasta and Attila at their Tartara HQ. These four villains appear to have joined forces and have created an evil organization called the Fearsome Army of Nasty Geniuses or "FANG" for short! The group has captured Teggs's friends Blink and Dutch and is holding them for ransom. To rescue them, Teggs must steal a substance called Mega-Spray Y from the heavily guarded DSS craft SSSS-One. To make matters worse, Admiral Rosso has sent his friends Arx, Gipsy, and Iggy to capture him. However, Teggs has an ally-his old academy rival Damona the diceratops! Can Teggs and Damona defeat the FANG and restore his good name?

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