Super-Secure Space Station One is a DSS space station hidden in sector seven of The Jurassic Quadrant. It is kept top secret by the DSS because it holds the Vegetarian Sector's most powerful and impressive inventions. SSSS-One is a massive grey ring-shaped ship with satellite dishes sticking out of it. Only certified astrosaurs are alllowed on board, gaining access by means of special Captain's Cards that allow them to travel almost anywhere on DSS territory. Within the station, the inventions are protected by ankylosaur security guards, tight locks, thick doors, security cameras, and various warning sirens in strategic locations. If an invention is removed from its alphabetized cabinet, a metal barrier traps the perpetrator inside the chamber. Some inventors, including Zindi Bent the plesiosaur, work here, using their genius to develop inventions and improve the lives of other dinosaurs.

In Revenge of the FANG, an evil group consisting of Tonka, Dasta, Attila, and King Albu forced Teggs to steal an invention named Mega-Spray Y from SSSS-One. The FANG wanted the substance for reasons of their own- for only Attila was organic. The other FANG members were some of his mechanical dino-droid creations, made to confuse Teggs. Teggs used his Captain's Card to get in to the station, and burst into the Secret Inventions Storehouse. He took the case containing the Mega-Spray Y, escaped the barrier, and tricked some ankylosaur guards into going the wrong way. He later encountered Gipsy, Arx, and Iggy, shoving past them and getting into Dutch's ship to escape. SSSS-One sent pursuit probes after him, but the Tonka-droid destroyed them. After Attila and his droids were defeated, the Mega-Spray Y was returned to SSSS-One.