Grakk, a solawurm

Solawurms are enormous wormlike creatures that feed on solar energy and are able to travel through space. They are gold in color and spines cover their bodies. Like star dragons, they grow slowly and live for thousands of years. They are docile unless disturbed, usually only feeding on suns with no planets orbiting them, but can defend themselves by breathing fire from their jaws. They must be careful about the amount of star-fire that they consume, as they can burst if they eat too much. If angered they are extremely dangerous and have great potential to be used as weapons. The species appears to communicate with other solawurms by using telepathy, and they are extremely intelligent. They are also easily hypnotized due to this delicate mental activity. Solawurms are extremely rare and hard to find as well. However, a pair named Heelum and Grakk appeared in The Sun-Snatchers.


  • Solawurms are like dragons in that they can fly and breathe fire.
  • Variations in the species exist- Grakk has red eyes and short spines while Heelum has purple eyes and longer head spikes.
  • Baby solawurms are called wurm-cubs.