Spiny Jim
Full Name
Spiny James Blackheart
Star Pirate Captain
Planet Of Hatching
Gold,evil chuckles, more gold.
Anyone who isn't a pirate.
DSS Rating
9-Gold-crazy and bonkers, timbers shiver whenever Jim's near!

Spiny Jim and Pollysaurus

Spiny Jim is a grey spinosaurus with a ridge down his back and is the main villain of The Star Pirates. Jim wears a glass eye and an eye patch because he lost both of his real eyes in a fight, but can still see because he took an eye from his pet pterosaur, Pollysaurus, and stuck it up his nose. He loves gold, leading him to build a gold-gathering magnet out of stolen spaceship parts. However, he disdains hygene. He is the leader of the star pirates and is the one who ordered Teggs and Arx to walk the plank. Jim refers to Teggs as a "sticky-saurus" and to Arx as a "tri-serra-plops". Later, Gipsy defeats him in battle and joins his crew after battling Alan The Ammonite as well. Arx sabotages his Gold Magnet by causing it to attract dung, demolishing his ship. He leads the pirates when they try to get away from the smoke. At the end of the book he requests a golden prison cell after being captured by the Splarg, causing his deputy, Mutty, to reveal that his name is not Jim, but is Gloria, humiliating the former pirate captain even more.


  • Spiny Jim is a Spinosaurus aegypticus, the longest carnivorous dinosaur of all time.
  • Jim's speech is based on stereotypical pirate talk, and his name, "Jim", is possibly a reference to Treasure Island, a famous pirate novel by the writer Robert Louis Stevenson, and its hero, Jim Hawking.
  • "Spiny" is a play on his genus, Spinosaurus.
  • It is unknown whether Mutty and The Old Raptor were telling the truth that his real name was Gloria.
  • Spiny Jim's sail is much smaller and shorter than the sail on a real Spinosaurus would be, and its skin would not extend to his tail and neck.