Squawk Major
The Pterosauria System
Space Year 29 Million
How To Get There
Turn left at Morass Minor
Data File
All flying reptiles are ruled from this unpolluted world at the fringes of Pterosaur space. Shame about the Mammoths who've moved in next door.
Typical Weather
Warm and sunny
DSS Rating
8 - A lovely place to visit, as long as you can fly!

Squawk Major

Squawk Major is a planet in the Pterosaurian Sector, and is friendly to the DSS. It is the dominant world in that part of space, and several other worlds like Squawk Minor and Dimorphia are ruled from Squawk Major. To preserve the planet's clean atmosphere for its inhabitants, spaceships are banned on Squawk Major, and Air-taxis are used for travel around the planet instead.

The government of Squawk Major is a democracy: although a ruler named the High Flapper exists, they are elected, their position is temporary, and they must listen to the people's desires. They are selected by a series of tests known as the Trials.The mammoth-owned world next to Squawk Major is Morass Minor, Grandum's home planet and location of the Mammoth Space-Car Races. These very mammoths were the main villains of The Skies of Fear, wanting to take over Squawk Major and change it into a smelly amusement park ruled by Grandum. The inhabitants of Squawk Major include sordes, rhamphorhynchus, and quetzalcoatlus.