Full Name
Jurassic the Star Dragon
Ultra-rare alien creature.
Planet Of Hatching (literally!)
The freedom of outer space.
Being disturbed before he has hatched.
DSS Rating
8 - Jurassic is perhaps the most amazing animal in the universe - apart from Teggs!

Star dragons are an extremely rare species of reptilian creature, able to survive and fly in open space, which lays eggs that grow to the size of a planet. They have multiple sets of wings, birdlike claws, and  are bright gold in colour. 


Jurassic, an adult star dragon.

These eggs, large enough to have breathable atmospheres but infested with egg-white "geysers" and unable to permanently support life, eventually hatch into baby star dragons after thousands of years, destroying the egg-planet and tearing it to bits.

They are enormous in size, presumably carnivorous, and can be territorial if approached. However, they are safe to observe from a distance. True to their name, the creatures can fly and breathe fire as soon as they hatch and are possibly telepathic, which would aid the dragons in finding mates in the vast expanses of space. Despite their immense size and power, star dragons are not usually dangerous creatures and leave inhabited planets alone.

A star dragon was the creature which ate King Albu, Prince Goopo, Prince Hibbit and most of the other oviraptors on Platus Two. They are the only species of animal which the Jurassic Explorers failed to locate when they mapped the Jurassic Quadrant - however, Teggs and his crew witnessed the Platus Two egg hatching and saw the newborn dragon, which they nicknamed "Jurassic " after the Explorers.