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One of Steve's many Doctor Who books, The Feast Of The Drowned features the 10th Doctor and Rose. it was sold at £6.99, had 256 pages and was published on 13th April 2006. A good synopsis would be:

When a naval cruiser sinks in mysterious circumstances in the North Sea, all aboard are lost. Rose is saddened to learn that the brother of her friend, Keisha, was among the dead. And yet he appears to them as a ghostly apparition, begging to be saved from the coming feast...the feast of the drowned. As the dead crew haunt loved ones all over London, the Doctor and Rose are drawn into a chilling mystery. What sank the ship, and why? When the cruiser's wreckage was towed up the Thames, what sinister force came with it?The river's dark waters are hiding an even darker secret, as preparations for the feast near their conclusion...

His other Doctor Who books are Sting Of The Zygons, The Art Of Destruction, Vanishing Point, The Monsters Inside, To The Slaughter, Timeless and Ten Little Aliens.