This unnamed raptor only appears in The Star Pirates as a member of Spiny Jim's pirate crew. He was a trusted member of their band, and Jim often had him handle technology and manage his Gold Magnet. Unlike most of the other star pirates, the old raptor's limbs were entirely intact and he still had both eyes. He first appeared in the pirates' control room with Mutty the mussaurus, while Arx and Iggy were listening in, and they discussed the finer details of the Gold Magnet with each other. When the two astrosaurs were exposed, the raptor joined in the attack, and was taken out by Iggy's stun claws. He also took part in a later battle and fled with the other pirates when their store of smoke began leaking into the control room. As they fled, they encountered the Splarg and panicked, so she decided to capture them. When Mutty, angered by Spiny Jim's sneaky demands, told everyone his real name, the old raptor had the last word before all of the star pirates were sent to jail.


The old raptor does not have stripes like the ones Teggs encountered previously, but this could be due to his age or drawing inconsistency.