The Sauropod
Full Name
DSS Sauropod (Starship Class 1)
Top Speed
10 Million Miles Per Hour
Made In
DSS Solar Workshop 1
Miles Per Dung Bucket
500,000 (or more if it's really smelly dung)
DSS Rating
10 - The finest ship in the DSS!

The Sauropod In Flight

The Sauropod is Captain Teggs and his faithful crew's trusty ship. It is featured in all of the Astrosaurs books and was given to Teggs by Admiral Rosso on page 8 of Riddle Of The Raptors along with his crew. It is the finest ship in the DSS according to Admiral Rosso. It is shaped like a giant egg and has six shuttles which are all egg shaped too. Five shuttles are located on the outside of the ship, while the main shuttle, Shuttle Alpha, is located in a hangar in the side of the ship. The sixth egg on the side is probably some sort of sensor unit.

Crewmembers are Captain Teggs, Gipsy, Arx and Iggy. Other crewmembers include 50 dimorphodon pilots, ankylosaurus guards, an alarm pterosaur and many more like cleaners and engineers.

Layout and appearance Edit

The Sauropod looks like a giant egg, like the DSS Herbivore, and has 6 smaller egg shaped shuttles. On tne side near the top there is an A, which probably signifies it is an astrosaur ship. On top there is a dome, which looks like a window, but not mentioned in the books. It may be some sort of giant camera linked to the scanner screens throughout the ship. The Sauropod's floors are laid out in a strange way, with level 8 being above level 9. The Sauropod looks as if it has a large ramp on the front, which would probably be for carrying and deploying vehicles to planetary surfaces. Somewhere on board it has a gym, relaxation rooms, showers, large hallways, an engine room and bedrooms. The flight deck is at the top, the thin end of the gian egg spaceship.