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One of Steve's many Doctor Who books, Timeless features the 8th Doctor, Fitz, Trix and Anji. It had 288 pages and was published on 4th August 2003. A good synopsis would be:

With time running out, the Doctor finally understands why 'our' universe is unique. In proving it, he nearly destroys the TARDIS and all aboard - and becomes involved with the machinations of the mysterious Timeless organisation. They can fix your wildest dreams, get away with murder and bring a whole new meaning to the idea of victimless crime. Soon, Fitz and Trix are married, Anji's become a mum, and an innocent man is marked for the most important death in the universe's long history. The reasons why force the Doctor into a deadly showdown in a killing ground spawned before time and space began.

His other Doctor Who books are Sting Of The Zygons, The Art Of Destruction, Vanishing Point, The Monsters Inside, To The Slaughter, The Feast of the Drowned and Ten Little Aliens.