A school of whisperfish

Full Name
Never heard (they whisper)
All Whisperfish are equal
Planet Of Hatching
Peace and quiet
DSS Rating
6.5 - All these fish want is a quiet life, but they have terrible tempers.

Whisperfish are small blue fish who are native to the Pliosaur Nurseries, and a small population of them exists on Aqua Minor. Liopleurodon use these creatures as a food source at home and on long space journeys. It is unknown whether they evolved in the Jurassic Quadrant or if they are the descendants of a fish species from Earth.

They are mostly solitary, and live peaceful lives under the waves. They have very small and sharp teeth, but these weapons are only used when the fish hear loud noises, which presumably agitate them. When this happens, the fish swarm and tear the source of the noise apart with their fangs, separating after it stops. However, they are harmless to quiet objects or creatures.

The whisperfish on Aqua Minor arrived there when Don Leo's ship crashed there during a test flight, and the liopleurodon left the ship, forgetting all about them, and they escaped into the sea. They appear to based on real life piranhas. Whisperfish are breifly mentioned in The Planet of Peril in which the silence was said to be quieter than one with headphones.