Wrappo-Bot 6

Wrappo-Bot Six was a wrapping robot on Exmus that helped the elfosaurs wrap presents for delivery on Christmas. However, General Loki the raptor snuck into the present-wrapping workshop and stuck a claw into the robot's computer brain, making it go wrong. However, Loki's claw broke off when he did this. The robot malfunctioned when Teggs, Nickel, and Hans entered the room, attacking them. It stunned Hans and grabbed Nickel, but Teggs was able to knock it down. For a while they thought that they had discovered what had thrown gifts into space, but another raptor, Ranpak, attacked Iggy while he was examining the robot's computer brain. When Ranpak was defeated, he accidentally knocked its head open, revealing Loki's broken claw and revealing that the raptors were up to dirty work on Exmus.